I think a good way for me to start being more active on this blog and irl is to try and make a blog post about my day every night! Also a picture of the day just bc that seems fun (this is a dumb pic of me that I took for my bf earlier ok) I have a problem with trying to keep things regular and routine and I think that’s why I suck at trying to exercise and stuff just like I keep forgetting/getting too lazy to write down my dreams when I wake up so I’ve missed like 4 days ok
and I’m kind of annoyed about some of my friends rn and I’m annoyed bc I look gROSS and I’m eating gross so it’s my own fault and I go to the beach Friday and I kind of just want to water fast until then or like water + only vegetables/fruits and stuff I’m gonna see if I can do that ok
I still rly want the wayofgray ebook and I’m hoping dan will get me that for my birthday LOL

i want the wayofgray hiit ebook so so bad but our credit card wont allow us to purchase something from canada and it makes me so angry

i’m gonna hardcore workout and eat healthy for the next 2 weeks


My lunch is better than yours 😏